Testimonials for Phil Schibeci


 "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and got a lot more out of it than I had expected."


     "Hi Phil

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I had been on a Sales training course in the US last week, and the skills you taught us in the Public Speaking course helped me immensely! I had taken your advice on board (I slowed down and spoke from my heart) – and it worked very well. I was judged the best speaker from a cohort of 30 global attendees.

So, thanks for everything – and hope you help more people like me excel in their careers."

      Divya Gupta, Director Customer Success, Responsys Pty Ltd. 


"It was great to see that every single person in the class had drastically improved by day 2 of the course…
Phil…I can't believe I'm saying it, but I actually wish I had to speak for work within the next few weeks…
The course exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues and friends
(who also turn into panic stricken nut cases at the thought of public speaking!)."

Leah Yule, Administrator, Swinburne University of Technology.

"I found Phil to be an amazing trainer. The workshop covered so many points that helped me with my public speaking. My objective was to do PoerPoint presentations and do them well, be interesting and capture the audience. I achieved my goals and am looking forward to speaking publicly."

Pat Patterson, Marketing Manager, Pattersons Pest Control.

“Phil’s workshop was fun, exciting, thought-provoking & challenging. I now know I can stand & deliver a powerful presentation, as I have formulas & structures to enable me to do this.
Thanks for your wisdom & amazing spontaneity. You know your stuff!!”

Lynden Boehm, Beaming Enterprises.


"Phil is a very personable and dynamic public speaker. He is very knowledgable in public speaking and makes you really explore your inner self when it comes to public speaking. The workshop was very informative and helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and to truly speak from the heart. Thank you for this experience!"

      Jennifer Carpinteri, Senior Program Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.

"Phil's workshop has taught me how to structure a seminar well and has given me the skills to speak with greater confidence. The workshop has been of great value."

Cesare Resciniti, Director, Asset Enrichment Services.

"Phil practices what he preaches.

I personally achieved a lot from Phil's Presentation Skills / Public Speaking workshop.

After just two days with Phil, I feel better equipped and more confident to prepare and present presentations for clients - I am actually looking forward to my next one."

Megan Last, Customer Success manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.

"After doing some training with Phil I was at a networking event & the guest speaker didn't show up.
I was asked if I would like to speak to the group.
I said yes, gave a great presentation and as a result picked up 3 new clients.
Before Phil's training I would not have had the confidence or the ability to do this & would have missed out on a great opportunity.
I recommend Phil's training to any business owner that wants to develop the ability to speak to any audience about their business with confidence."

Steve Briffa, Owner, Plenty Valley printing.


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