Communication Skills Training Testimonials




“I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their communication, especially in the work  environment or family/relationship. The course gives you the tools to communicate at a higher level and teaches you conflict resolution. It gives you the ability to listen and as a result achieve amazing outcomes. Phil’s interactive style allows the group to work to a deeper level creating a unique bond amongst the group. Great outcomes flow from that, as we all experienced.”

Brendon Considine, Director, Secon Freight Logistics.

"Very useful course. I have done multiple training courses and I learnt more in this course than any other."

Danielle Mountford, Program Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.

"I came to this course with an open mind- but also confident I was an accompished listener and communicator. Phil helped build my skills and finally I can say I am an accompished listener and communicator."

Duncan Murrison, Director, Customer Success, Responsys Pty Ltd.


"Brilliant! I was a last minute attendee to the workshop, and originally wasn't sure how much it would actually benefit me. I'm extremely glad that I did attend as I've picked up some great skills that I will use not only professionally, but in everyday life. Hopefully I'll work with Phil in the future and keep adding to that 'toolbox' of skills!"

Rajan Kumar, Account Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.


"Great workshop based on some very simple principles that are harder to put in practice. The active role plays were great to practice these skills with valuable evaluation and feedback."

Marissa Ahmad, Senior Program Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.

Phil's clients include:

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