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Learn how to:

Take your presentations from good to great!

Make public speaking fun!

"Phil teaches unique public speaking techniques that I haven't experienced with other courses to date. His content has added a new array of possibilities to future presentations."

Mark Ipaviz, National Sales Manager, Ozdare / Eleven Australia

“I did my first public speaking workshop with Phil about 3 years ago and from the outset I felt that my skills improved substantially. About a year later I did some more training and gained further invaluable improvement on my overall communication skills.

Recently I was asked to deliver a key note speech to about 100 small business owners. I immediately approached Phil to refresh my skills and I am very glad that I did – at the first one-on-one session Phil gave me the confidence to put down my notes and coached me to speak from the heart and interact with the audience. As the whole training was recorded on video it was easy to see the dramatic improvement in my delivery. On the day I felt confident and although the nerves were never completely relaxed, I was able to deliver a great 20 minute speech to an attentive audience who didn’t hesitate to praise me during the Q&A session that followed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone looking at acquiring public speaking skills or improving their current skills. I am now looking forward to doing future presentations.”  

Patrick Marion, Director, Citiwide Homeloans

To chat with Phil about your needs or to arrange an in-person training session call: 

Within Aust: 0409 848 840

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Public speaking is an essential skill for both business owners and employees to be able to sell their products and services to existing and prospective clients.

Melbourne-based author and corporate speaker, Phil Schibeci, has 21 years experience teaching people how to communicate and get up in front of an audience. Phil has come up with 5 simple steps to take the time and pain out of preparing for any presentation to audiences of all sizes. Phil will show you how to turn the fear of public speaking into fun!



5 Steps to Public Speaking Success BOOK

In his third book, 5 Steps to Speaking Success, Phil shares his insights and lessons from his 21-year journey as a speaker and workshop trainer. He also offers his five simple steps to take the time and pain out of preparing for any presentation to audiences of all sizes. In this book you will discover the secret to turning the fear of public speaking into fun.


 5 Steps to Public Speaking Success BOOK.  As seen on TV and heard on Radio!

5 Steps to Public Speaking Success ON-LINE TRAINING.

The next best thing to being at one of Phil's live events is to watch one of Phil's live seminars.

This 30 minute on-line training video has been carefully edited to provide maximum value.

Phil takes you through his famous 5 Steps to Speaking Success in a very interactive and fun way as you both learn these very powerful skills as well as watching Phil implement them with a live audience.




5 Steps to Public Speaking Success BOOK & ON-LINE TRAINING bundle.

Purchase the book and on-line training video as a bundle and save.

$59.95  BUY NOW!!!


Take your public speaking to the next level!

Enquire Now about my workshops or one to one mentoring programs.


Public Speaking - From Fear to Fun!

"97% of people are afraid of public speaking - Don't be one of them."

In just a few hours you can overcome your fear of Public Speaking Forever!

 Call Phil Now!  0409 848 840

If you or your staff are like most people, you would like to give more presentations but you don't because you don't like doing it.

What would it be like if you actually enjoyed giving presentations???

I will teach you how to do presentations that are effortless, engaging and FUN!

Learn how to take the pressure and attention OFF you, the presenter, and put it ONTO the audience.

Learn how to enjoy giving presentations while feeling relaxed and having fun!


"Phil……I can't believe I'm saying it, but I actually wish I had to speak for work within the next few weeks……."

Leah Yule, Administrator, Swinburne University of Technology.


There's lots of people out there teaching people how to give better presentations.

That's great, but it doesn't solve the problem: most people don't enjoy giving presentations.

What makes me different is that I teach people what I do when I give a presentation.

Learn a whole NEW approach to Public Speaking!

If public speaking is painful for you, and you break out into a cold sweat at just the thought of getting up and speaking to an audience, or if you are already a competent presenter and you want to take your public speaking to the next level,

Then call Phil Now!  0409 848 840


"I hated client presentations, both the preparation and delivery prior to this course.

After just two days with Phil, I feel better equipped and more confident to prepare and present presentations for clients -

I am actually looking forward to my next presentation."

- Past client wishing to remain anonymous

(This client went on to receive a best presenter award at an international company sales platform training bootcamp.)

"I get great satisfaction from seeing people come out of their shells and become powerful, engaging communicators and leaders!"

 Phil Schibeci

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Learn how to LISTEN to the audience!

I don't teach the theory of Public Speaking!

I teach what I do to have the audience 100% engaged 100% of the time, and to have fun.

If you want to know more about how I can help you or your staff grow and develop as engaging presenters please give me a call and have a chat.

Have you ever wished you could speak publicly with ease and confidence?

This training will enable you to harness your nerves and give speeches for a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes.

Designed for professionals who need to improve and gain more confidence with their public speaking and presentation skills.

Effectively share your message with others.

Be able to sell yourself and your services simply and confidently.


Public Speaking – From Fear to Fun!

“97% of people are afraid of public speaking. Don’t be one of them.”


"Public speaking can fill a lot of people with fear and panic - so why do you want to do a workshop on it? Because Phil has a great ability to push people beyond their boundaries in a controlled yet relaxed and friendly way to really help you develop; develop your self confidence, your perception and self belief. Highly recommended."

Sophie Haywood, Senior Strategist, Oracle Pty Ltd.


“This course was the best course for Self Development that I have ever done.
Phil has the ability to connect with all of the students…
I can only recommend this to everyone that has a requirement to do any public speaking.
They will gain the confidence that we all achieved doing this course.”
Brendon Considine, Director, Secon Freight Logistics.


“I achieved a lot from attending Phil’s Presentation & Public Speaking Skills workshop. After two days with Phil, I feel better equipped and more confident presenting.”
Megan last, Customer Success Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd.

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  • Training for anyone needing to deliver effective, engaging presentations. 
  • Learn the secrets to presenting with confidence while having fun.
  • Learn to tame the voices in your head that are holding you back!
  • Be able to prepare a presentation with minimal effort & little stress.
  • Learn how to speak from the heart.
  • Learn how to LISTEN to the audience!
  • Engage and inspire your audiences to take action.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Techniques that will enable you to connect and immediately develop rapport with your audience.


"If you are in marketing or sales these techniques will super charge your sales presentations and multiply your ability to “sell from the stage.”


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Learn the secrets that professional speakers use to present with enthusiasm and energy.


Phil Schibeci was first drawn to public speaking at eight years of age after watching the priest at church deliver a powerful sermon. At the same age he also developed a passion for entertaining an audience after successfully entertaining his classmates with a comedy routine that even made the Nun laugh.


Need to deliver effective, engaging presentations to small and large groups?
Choose from my small group, high participation, fun workshops,
or my one to one mentoring program.


The benefits of this training:

  • You will be able to plan, prepare and present effectively.
  • You will feel more confident in giving presentations.
  • You will be able to harness your nerves.
  • You will be able to speak in a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes.
  • You will be able to sell yourself and your services simply and confidently.


"I firmly believe that if someone can overcome their fear of public speaking they can overcome any fear."

“I look forward to teaching you how to effectively present your message to your audience with confidence, and most importantly, how to have fun while doing it.”

Phil Schibeci


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